Advantage-USA provides international educational consulting and international student programs including HORIZONS USA & BOLD USA.  Our level of client service is superior because of our commitment and experience.

The ‘brand’ myth

We do not put much stock in the “ranking” pursuit of a school.  Rather, we view each child as unique and therefore it is they who ARE THE BRAND not the school.  Each child has an innate capacity to love learning. Often times, it simply requires the student to be matched to the right environment so this love of learning can flourish. At Advantage USA, we seek to place each student in the ‘right fit’ school where they can thrive academically, socially, emotionally and culturally.  We promote the brand which is the student, not the school.

As a long time and current educator, educational consultant and Summer immersion camp designer and director we have the practical and professional experience to prepare and guide our students in the pursuit of their educational dreams.

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 Our Experience

With more than 25 years of educator experience with independent school education, our priority is to work with each individual student to find the ‘Right Fit ‘ school to meet their unique and individual social, cultural, emotional, spiritual and academic needs. Our commitment to each student extends far beyond their school placement.  We guide, mentor and assist in each student’s adjustment for their entire US study stay.

Our President/CEO

Ruth and Steve HainesPresident and founder, Steve Haines (pictured here with Ruth Haines), was a middle school history teacher at an elite East Coast private school for more than 25 years. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree, he also earned a Master’s degree from West Chester University. Over the years, Steve and his wife Ruth (and five children) have served host parents to several foreign students. In addition to teaching, Steve has successfully run summer English language immersion programs including HORIZONS USA and BOLD USA.   Steve has been invited to speak throughout China on the topics of education, student immersion and provides both education & camp consulting as well. Steve also does teacher trainings.  Steve has combined his love of students and skills as a gifted private school educator with his desire to provide high quality educational services for families looking for the right independent school placement for their child. Steve and his team consult with and direct families who are searching to find the right fit for their child.

Advantage-USA is a subsidiary of Camp Concepts, Inc. which is owned by Steve Haines. Steve is also the owner and Executive Director of Camp Concepts, which owns and operates multiple summer camp programs including Big Oak Day Camp.  Steve served as the director of the George School Summer Day Camp for 14 years and was a Business Development Consultant for George School, an elite Quaker boarding/day school . Steve is also one of the owners of The Sports Zone in Southampton, PA.  Steve brings a vast student-related experience and leadership skills to making Advantage-USA a great and valuable service choice for international families.  “Our business is about people.  Establishing and earning a trusting relationship with those we serve.”