Achieve your dream to study in the United States.  Our educational consultants assist international families to select a “right fit” school choice for their child. Our services take the stress out of the process.

From happy parents:

“Cinda has been living and studying in the States for almost three years during which you have given her help in so many ways, encouraging her to overcome homesick feelings, as well as guiding her to blend into PCS and host family. In the meanwhile, you are answering all our questions and concerns with such patience. Cinda always feels very comfortable and happy to be around you, and so does us! Thank you very much!”


Our Educational Consulting Services

One of the most important life decisions centers around your child’s education.  Too many parents think the school choice is “the brand.” However, a student will only flourish and grow when they are in the right social, emotional, educational and spiritual school environment. The student is “the brand” NOT the school. Each student is unique and should carefully be considered as such when seeking a ‘right fit school.’ Navigating the admissions possibilities and procedures can be an overwhelming experience.  Let Advantage-USA work with you to help find a ‘right fit’ school for your child.

We handle the stress of the details so you don’t have to. There are many decisions involved in selecting an independent school in the United States. Our goal is to absorb the stress of the details so parent and student can focus on the choices. Let our experienced staff of consultants handle all of the details so that your mind is free to make the selection.

The Student & Family Profile

Students in Classroom

Our process begins with several in-depth family and student profile interviews. This very important step allows your consultant to better understand you family and student educational goals, personality, preferences, academic and social strengths & weaknesses, understand geographic preferences, and grasp overall student and family expectations.

Steve travels frequently throughout China and will look to set up personal family and student meetings while traveling.

New Student Personality Profile Fill-in Form

The ‘Right Fit’

After analyzing information gleaned from our profile interviews, your consultant will compare and match findings with our knowledge of independent schools in the United States and provide families with between five to eight independent schools that would be a right fit for consideration.  We seek schools that would be a academic, social, cultural and emotional fit for each student.

The School Tour

Whereas it is always a great idea to have an on campus visit to the ‘right fit’ schools, we realize this may not always be possible.  If you do decide to visit, your consultant can help to arrange details for a school tour to selected schools. More importantly, your consultant will also prepare the visiting student with mock interviews in preparation for the school tours & interviews.  If there is a school you would like us to visit for you, we can arrange to send a consultant to the school(s) of your choice to be the “ears & eyes” for you.  Contact us for specific pricing.

The Application Process

Teacher in Classroom Trust your consultant to manage and coordinate all of the required paperwork for preparing applications to the selected schools. It is essential that clear and prompt communication be achieved during this crucial process. Our reliable staff will make this a smooth and effective process.

The Acceptance Visit

After acceptance, your consultant can help student/families arrange a return visit to schools accepted or, arrange a trip to the final choice school. Your consultant can assist your family and student with the final selection process and then provide final communication of that final choice to the selected school.

The International Student Guardianship Service-Our distinct difference!

Often times, international students experience isolation or loneliness while adjusting to their new academic and social life here in the United States. Our guardianship program is focused on providing social, academic, emotional and cultural support for the transitioning student.  Each month, someone from our consulting team will make contact with your student to ensure their transition and adjustment is going well.  We provide support and encouragement to all students during their stay in the United States. Depending on their US location, sometimes it is as simple as a reassuring phone call or video chat but other times, a face-to-face visit is needed or a weekend or overnight respite, a home cooked meal or trip to the shopping mall. In other cases it is matching your child up with a local host family for a weekend getaway or home cooked meal away from campus may be a possibility. In any case, our International Student Guardianship service is our distinctive difference from other educational consultants and is an excellent way to ensure your child is shown the genuine care needed to make this transition successfully.

For those who are accepted and attend a day school in our geographic area, we will coordinate and arrange a loving and safe American host family experience for your child.  This is their home away from home to provide comfort, care and concern while they focus on their studies.

Transfer Students

Advantage-USA can help and assist those students already studying in the US to transfer to another school. If you are unhappy with your initial educational choice, allow us the opportunity to help you transfer to a new school. Email us: or call our office at: 267-261-4098 WeChat: SteveHaines

Unlike most placement agencies, our contact with the student does not end with admission.  We maintain contact with each student throughout their stay to help provide guidance and encouragement while studying in the US.

ESL Support Services

Global StudentsOften times students find they need additional ESL or test preparation resources outside of what schools can offer. We can help your student maintain their academic advantage by helping to find qualified educations resources in or outside of a chosen school.  Because we remain in monthly contact with our placed students, we can help to assist in finding them additional ESL or even academic support during their transitional period.



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