Cinda went to the U.S for studying because of your help, you are her guider to study in the U.S. Through two-year communication with you, we deeply feel your warm and kind, we are very pleasure to be acquainted with you. Cinda is getting well along with you, which makes us very happy. A couple of days ago,Cinda said that she has joined the basketball team and you are her coach, which make us feel you are amazing, we cheer for you! Of course, we thank you for sending Cinda to her home after every training as well. At last, happy festival to you and your family!  

Cui Lan & Wang Shichun

Again, I am very thankful for your hospitality and kindness you all have shown to Honoka during her stay at your camp. All of us, her parents and other relatives who assisted her to be there, are very impressed with her improvement in her English skills. And they would like to not only express their thanks to you and your family but also the English teacher. BTW, we don’t have her name nor her address. Could you share her complete mailing address with us? And we can send a separate "Thank you" note to her. We really appreciate your wonderful camp and I hope we meet again sometime. Unfortunately, I had another appointment on 8th, and we needed to rush out. I wish I had an opportunity to talk with you and your family before I left and properly thank you all for what you all have done for Honoka. She truly enjoyed the camp. With many thanks.

Reiko, Aunt of 16-year-old girl from Japan

This was the first time that our 12-year-old boy joined a summer program in the US. As a non-native English speaker, he took no time in falling in love with the site and the variety of the program of Horizons USA. Justin had a wonderful time; every day since he came back, he has been sharing with us those fun times and a variety of stories. At his birthday party, weeks after coming back to China, he demonstrated his marshmallow-roasting skills he learned at Steve's backyard, which impressed his buddies. This experience was very helpful in widening those kids' horizons, which could have longer-term impact in their lives. I am glad seeing Justin is getting more independent, and more considerate of others. He is willing to take a challenge of SSAT and decided to apply for the best school in Shanghai to sharpen his English skills. We know how much you, Ruth, other teachers and leaders did in making it so successful. We really appreciate your passion and professionalism. Upon coming back, he asked a question 'Can we go again next year?' Seems he bought back everything and did not miss a single sock!

Lily, Mother of 12-year-old boy from China

Just want to drop a line to tell you that Yining and we are all very satisfied with her camp experience. It is great that you offered the opportunity to international students to learn American culture. Yining has told us numerous times that you and your staff were very, very nice to her, she really appreciated it. She wanted to come back next summer, did she mention that to you? Now, back in China, she is seriously considering applying George School. Thanks for all the great experiences she got from the summer camp. It will be a great learning experience if she will have her high school experience there. I am sure we will ask you for advice when it is closer to the time for her to apply to the school (thanks in advance).

Ying, Mother of 14-year-old girl from China

We had great time in the States this summer, kids love your camp a lot, don't even want to go back China. We all think your summer camp is very successful, of course we'd love to introduce it to our friends.

Mother of Oscar, 10-year-old boy from China

I am a 17 years old Chinese girl. I took part in the HORIZONS USA summer camp. It was really a special time in my life. Until now, I still remember everything about it! At the camp, I met many friends and improved my English very well. I love the camp. At the same time, I hope more people can join us!

Ann (camper) from China

We would like to send you our sincere gratitude for your kindness at the summer camp. Our sons were extremely satisfied with what they have experienced at their first overseas camp with the warmest help from you, your family and your staffers. Because of you, our sons did not feel homesickness despite the fact that it was their first experience to leave from us this long. Our sons are still feeling excited when talking about your camp. Yotaro had a great time trying a various kind of sports in the great surroundings in the state of Pennsylvania, and Sotaro was impressed with himself making international friends for the first time. We strongly believe that this experience will be one of the greatest assets that our sons will bring throughout their life time. Again, this is because of your warmest assistance. We thank you once again.

Makoto & Tamaki (parents) of boys from Japan

I'm really glad to participate in the HORIZONS USA! I did lots of physical exercise and kinds of special activities which I had never done before. I met many new foreign friends, they are from different countries, we communicated then learned different cultures. All the people here are really kind, we were together like a big family. I also took a Homestay, this time was wonderful! I improved my spoken English a lot, especially I'm an 11 grade student who takes AP Program and will go to America to go to college. This special experience gives me confidence and determination to work hard so that I can go to an ideal university in the future, to feel American culture again, to improve myself, and to meet my dear friends again! Thanks for the HORIZONS USA!

Chinese Student: Monica Xue

年暑假在HORIZONS USA的生活令我受益匪浅。作为一个即将去美国读大学的高一学生,半个月的夏令营生活让我对美国的社会形态和教育理念有了大致的概念,不仅认识了各国的伙伴,也在寄宿家庭中感受到了美国人的家庭理念。美国人懂得如何有效地管理和利用时间去达到自己的目的,孩子们在营中通过进行各种活动,懂得如何团队协作。颇为重要的一点是:生命在于运动。美国的孩子从小就参与各种运动,这为他们日后的学习和生活创造了绝佳的本钱。中国的孩子因紧张的课业已经放弃了太多的运动时间,在最青春的年华感受不到激情与活力,这真的是很大的遗憾。此次美国之行让我坚定了出国深造的信念,让我更有动力走向我理想的大学,去体验一种更为先进、自主、人文的教育,去感受不一样的文化氛围。

暑假 中国营员:薛茗溪