This was the first time that our 12-year-old boy joined a summer program in the US. As a non-native English speaker, he took no time in falling in love with the site and the variety of the program of Horizons USA. Justin had a wonderful time; every day since he came back, he has been sharing with us those fun times and a variety of stories. At his birthday party, weeks after coming back to China, he demonstrated his marshmallow-roasting skills he learned at Steve's backyard, which impressed his buddies. This experience was very helpful in widening those kids' horizons, which could have longer-term impact in their lives. I am glad seeing Justin is getting more independent, and more considerate of others. He is willing to take a challenge of SSAT and decided to apply for the best school in Shanghai to sharpen his English skills. We know how much you, Ruth, other teachers and leaders did in making it so successful. We really appreciate your passion and professionalism. Upon coming back, he asked a question 'Can we go again next year?' Seems he bought back everything and did not miss a single sock!